Recruitment Campaign

From the President

Dear Colleagues,

I invite you to share in an exciting project. RSCM America is a growing organization that supports us in countless ways. We all benefit from the network of colleagues that RSCM America provides as well as the vast community and worship experiences of our summer training courses and the VOICE for LIFE educational materials. We are truly blessed.

Your Board of Directors has been working hard on your behalf to ensure that RSCM America can continue to provide you with these many invaluable services and lead RSCM America into developing new and exciting projects that will engage and nourish our membership. To this end we need your help. RSCM, as you know, is a charity organization. That is to say, we rely on membership dues and donation gifts to continue to support our work here in the United States.

There are several new initiatives that the Board of Directors is developing, but the one you can help with is what we are calling the Recruitment Campaign This Recruitment Campaign works at the grass-roots level. The goal is to double the number of Affiliates, Individuals and Friends. The idea is for each of you to invite someone—another church, a school, someone connected to a seminary, someone in a music education-type position, or a person who loves church music—to join RSCM America at the level to which you belong. If you are an Affiliate, invite someone to join as an Affiliate. If you are an Individual, invite someone to join as an Individual, etc. Share your enthusiasm and love of RSCM America.

We include on this web page some supporting materials to help you with your mission. There is a Frequently Asked Questions document that gives you quick and straightforward answers to common questions. A Checklist is provided to furnish you with a list of ways to contact potential new members, along with a short list of Talking Points to help you focus your thoughts. And, as ever, all Directors are available to you if you would like to contact one of us.

I know it is easy to feel that one is not equipped to participate in this way, but it is exactly you and all of us that are the most important people to do this. We have the most influence with our colleagues. This will take a minimum of time and reap a maximum benefit to RSCM America. The Recruitment Campaign will help ensure the future and growth of RSCM America for us and for the musicians following us.

On behalf of the RSCM America Board of Directors I would like to thank you for your time and the energy you invest in this wonderful organization. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Soli Deo gloria,
Bert Landman
President, RSCM America