RSCM Awards

To support the choir trainer and to affirm the VOICE for LIFE levels achieved within the choir, the RSCM provides a complementary system of awards designed to be assessed through formal examination: the Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards. These awards affirm the VOICE for LIFE levels that have been awarded informally by the choir trainer. Light and Dark Blue levels prepare the chorister for the Bronze award, Red helps the candidate prepare for the Silver award, and Yellow helps the candidate prepare for the Gold award.

  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
Examination for the formal awards is entirely at the option of the individual singer. Choristers may work through the VOICE for LIFE program and choose not to participate in the formal assessment for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards. A chorister must be a member of an RSCM America affiliated choir or an Individual member in order to be eligible for the exam.

Each formal award has its own syllabus, complete with guidelines to help prepare the candidate and the choir trainer for the standard expected during the examination.

To get started, download the Protocol for Registering for RSCM Exams in America. Then click here to complete the exam registration and payment process online (new!), or see below to download the entry requirements. 

Syllabi & Entry Requirements

Bronze and Silver Awards

Gold Award

The new RSCM Syllabus and Music Lists for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards are now in effect. All of these exams follow and reflect the appropriate level of training in the RSCM VOICE for LIFE curriculum. The Bronze and Silver Lists now feature a greatly increased choice of repertoire for candidates to sing in Section A (Using the voice well). In Section B, sight reading is now titled Singing at first & second sight. Aural exercises and Technical questions have been revised and updated. There has been a little redesigning in Section E (Choir in context) too. Also online are the new, detailed exam criteria for success.

Examination fees are $50 for the Bronze award, $75 for the Silver award, and $125 for the Gold award and should be submitted with the entry form. Click below to download the appropriate Entry Form.

Entry Forms

Bronze and Silver Awards

Gold Award

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals:
Successful candidates are entitled to wear a prestigious medal cast in the appropriate colored metal worn on distinctive ribbons (green ribbons for Bronze, purple ribbons for Silver, and dark red ribbons for Gold). After the RSCM America Office has received confirmation of a successful exam, the candidate may purchase their medal from the RSCM America office for $30.

Examination Locations & Scheduling

All inquiries and requests for exams must be directed to Linda Buzard. Examinations are held at most Training Courses.

Examiners are located in many cities around the United States. To schedule an exam or to find an exam center close to you, contact Linda Buzard. Candidates will be advised of the specific examination venues and times once entries have been received. Candidates are responsible for their (and their accompanist's) travel costs to and from the examination. Where there are several candidates in one place, it may be possible to arrange for the examiner to travel to the candidates (in which case the candidates will still be responsible for any travel and accommodations expenses).

Examiners currently include:
Garmon Ashby* (Houston, Tex.)
Phillip Brunswick (Kirkwood, Mo.)
Linda Buzard* (Champaign, Ill.)
Benjamin Lane (Orlando, Fla.)
Bruce Neswick (Portland, Ore.)
Robert Nicholls (Evansville, Ind.)
Enid Oberholtzer (Glastonbury, Conn.)
David Pulliam (Darien, Conn.)
Linda Morgan Stowe (St. James, Md.)
Anna Teagarden (Houston, Tex.)
Andrew Walker (Orlando, Fla.)
Richard Webster* (Boston, Mass.)
* denotes a Gold examiner

How the RSCM Runs Its Singing Awards

In three articles from Church Music Quarterly, John Wardle, RSCM Awards Coordinator and Chief Examiner, offers advice about the awards to singers and choir trainers considering some of the following issues: “Why take the awards?” “How to prepare for your exam” and “Hitting the mark!” Click on the “More Information” tab here.

If you have any questions please contact:

Ms. Linda Buzard, The Chapel of St. John the Divine
1011 S. Wright Street, Champaign, IL 61820
Telephone: (217) 344-1924

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