VOICE for LIFE is the RSCM’s acclaimed guide to training choirs and singers of all ages. The VOICE for LIFE scheme provides a framework for choral singers to develop their vocal skills, their musical understanding, and their knowledge of the repertoire.

The completely revised and updated VOICE for LIFE is:
  • A structured guide to vocal training
  • Based on graded targets with informal assessment
  • Complete with supporting resources to enable teachers and choir trainers to deliver the program with confidence
  • Designed for use in schools, churches, and other community choirs
  • Easy to use with a clear layout
  • Fully compatible with the RSCM Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards


There are five levels in the VOICE for LIFE scheme providing training from beginners to advanced singers. The levels are designed to be used by both children and adults. The levels are:
White Light Blue Dark Blue Red Yellow
Each level comes complete with:
  • Teaching material in the Choir Trainer’s book to enable the teacher or choir trainer to provide the appropriate training for each level
  • Clear targets that state exactly what a singer should have achieved and be able to demonstrate in order to complete each level
  • Singer’s workbooks containing questions, exercises, and puzzles. On completion, the workbook is signed and dated by the choir trainer.
  • Ribbons and medals/lapel badges to award singers on completion of each level. For school choirs and other non-robed choirs, there are colored lapel badges. For church choirs and other robed choirs, medals can be worn on the appropriately colored ribbon.
Each level is assessed informally by the choir trainer and the badge/ribbon and medal is awarded once the singer has reached the targets and finished the workbook.

Where to purchase materials

MEDALS: RSCM Affiliates are authorized to purchase VOICE for LIFE medals, ribbons, and pins from the RSCM America Office in Princeton, N.J. Please e-mail your order to office@rscmamerica.org.

Below is a list of the items that we offer, with prices* and links to pictures. We also have many of the medals on this page in stock as well.

In order to reflect increased prices from our suppliers in the UK as well as the growing pound sterling, the prices of our merchandise here at RSCM America has adjusted accordingly.

·        Choir member medal: $10

·        7/8" ribbon to fit the choir member medal (available in white, light bluedark bluered, and yellow): $1.50 per yard (1 yard is the standard length for 1 medal)

·        Junior choir member medal: $9.50

·        5/8" ribbon to fit the junior choir member medal (available in white, light blue, dark blue, red, and yellow): $1 per yard (1 yard is the standard length for 1 medal)

·        Head Chorister medal: $25

·        Choir Director medal: $25 

·        VOICE for LIFE Lapel Pin (available in white, light blue, dark blue, red, yellow): $5

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For comprehensive information about VOICE for LIFE, visit this website: rscm.com/voiceforlife